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Gain Visibility into your offsite Resources, MightyTracker GPS for only $0.75 per day…

Whether you're in Sales, Field Services or Event Marketing Btracking can maximize the return on your existing wireless investment and give you visibility into your mobile workforce.

  • Increase revenues with improved productivity from your mobile team
  • Lower your costs through reduced downtime, overtime, fuel consumption etc
  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved punctuality, service delivery, and billing transparency
  • Provide for employee safety with location based panic functionality
  • Gain the confidence of increased visibility into field activities and efficient mobile team management
  • REDUCED FUEL COSTS Cut idle time, improve routing, and manage drivers. Average savings 10 -15%
  • OPERATIONAL COSTS More effective dispatching, more accurate time reporting, reduced labor hours. Reduce personal use of vehicles. Correct bad driving habits that can be dangerous and unproductive.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITYIncrease number of jobs each day. Account more accurately for time on the job. Monitor time spent at each location by each driver.
  • IMPROVE SAFETY Identify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents from occurring. 24/7 full vehicle monitoring that will reduce the cost of accidents and potentially save lives.
  • REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS Automatic reminders for regular service. Monitor odometer, fuel consumption thus preventing costly breakdowns and extending the vehicle life.

I can’t keep track of my workforce. My employees are out all day and I don’t know if they are always working. This was a great help for better cost controls

Tom, Neem Heating & Air
“BerryTracking has lived up to all of our expectations; we are now able to maintain a high level of accountability among our staff, which means providing a high level of satisfaction to our clients."

Margaret Neilson, Custom Coaches Transport
Luv this tool! From our first download to our 10th. Our Field Marketing force is tracked all day long. Full reports, by location is provided to our clients on store visits, time invested, etc.. Increases our value prop to our clients!

Greg, MediaNomadz Group
Just like the Ad says, downloaded and up and running in 5 minutes! I was able to track my husband and parents as they traveled across Europe. Great for Peace of Mind

Sandra, Personal Use
Still using it. I offer it as a service to my travel tours, so that family & friends can track our hosted adventures across South America. Simple & Cool

Lee, Southern Latitudes Adventure Tours
I wish I knew about this earlier. We use it to manage our out-patient care teams. Great for safety, great reporting for audits & efficiency. Just wonderful.

Victoria, Nursing Care Withheld
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