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GPS Tracking for your Business Tracking and managing mobile resources — fleets of vehicles, workers and other valuable assets — is an essential and critical need for any business. With the high cost of labor, combined with fluctuating fuel expenses, it's no surprise that you may be looking for better ways to manage your assets and cut costs.

MightyTracker offers tracking and reporting solutions that are easy-to use, reliable, and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly.

With MightyTracker, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to effectively manage your mobile resources.

Fleet Management

Increase your fleet's productivity while reducing costs, and streamlining communications with our real-time GPS fleet tracking system.
Asset Tracking

Take a proactive approach to monitoring and protecting your assets from theft and misuse with our affordable asset tracking system.
Satellite Tracking

Discover our feature rich satellite tracking system for your business' fleet and asset management needs – great for rural workforces and routes.
Heavy Equipment

Many businesses need a reliable equipment tracking and management system to meet their vehicle maintenance and asset protection needs. Learn more about our Heavy Equipment Solution today.
Trailer Tracking

Our Trailer Tracking Solution provides a long term and reliable system for tracking and monitoring trailers deployed in the field. Easily know trailer status, receive drop off proofs, and more.
Branded Dealership Profit Add-On
Any car dealership will enjoy our white labeled personal GPS tracking offering as a valued tool in their profit center options.

Industries We Serve

  • Construction
  • Distribution & Delivery
  • Facilities Management
  • Field Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • HVAC
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Plumbing
  • Public Works
  • Retail
  • Sanitation
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Waste Management
I can’t keep track of my workforce. My employees are out all day and I don’t know if they are always working. This was a great help for better cost controls

Tom, Neem Heating & Air
“Btracking has lived up to all of our expectations; we are now able to maintain a high level of accountability among our staff, which means providing a high level of satisfaction to our clients."

Margaret Neilson, Custom Coaches Transport
Luv this tool! From our first download to our 10th. Our Field Marketing force is tracked all day long. Full reports, by location is provided to our clients on store visits, time invested, etc.. Increases our value prop to our clients!

Greg, MediaNomadz Group
Just like the Ad says, downloaded and up and running in 5 minutes! I was able to track my husband and parents as they traveled across Europe. Great for Peace of Mind

Sandra, Personal Use
Still using it. I offer it as a service to my travel tours, so that family & friends can track our hosted adventures across South America. Simple & Cool

Lee, Southern Latitudes Adventure Tours
I wish I knew about this earlier. We use it to manage our out-patient care teams. Great for safety, great reporting for audits & efficiency. Just wonderful.

Victoria, Nursing Care Withheld
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